As stated in 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Section 1310.05(d), each regulated bulk manufacturer of a listed chemical shall submit manufacturing, inventory, and use data on an annual basis as set forth in Section 1310.06(h).

A business entity which manufactures a listed chemical may elect to report separately by individual location or report as an aggregate amount for the entire business entity provided that they inform the DEA of which method they will use.

For this report only, the term regulated bulk manufacturer of a listed chemical means a person who manufactures a listed chemical by means of chemical synthesis or by extraction from other substances. The term bulk manufacturer does not include persons whose sole activity consists of the repackaging or relabeling of listed chemical products or the manufacture of drug dosage form products which contain a listed chemical.


This data shall be submitted annually on or before the 15th day of March of the year immediately following the calendar year for which submitted.

Accessing BCM Online: (Submit a report or Register as a new user)

In order to complete your company's year-end reports using BCM Online, an authorized representative of the company must register the company online. This person will be assigned as the "Corporate Administrator" and, after approval by DEA, will receive a username and temporary password. DEA will only issue one corporate administrator account for each company. Corporate Administrators can create user accounts, or additional Corporate Administrator accounts for other locations. Generally, a corporate administrator is the person at your manufacturing location responsible for filing BCM reports or has oversight of this process. Corporate Administrators are also responsible for creating, modifying, and deleting individual user accounts within your company.

In order for a Corporate Administrator to obtain a password from DEA, the corporate administrator must login to BCM Online and complete a BCM registration form. Upon receipt and verification of your online registration form, DEA will send the Corporate Administrator an email with a temporary password and the web address for BCM Online.

A User Guide has been prepared to assist users in navigating through the BCM Online.


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Listed Chemicals Regulated under the Controlled Substances Act