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DEA Forms & Applications

DEA Forms & Applications


Renewal Applications

Apply for Renewal Registration Online ← Online Only Form 224a, Form 225a, Form 363a, Form 510a

New Applications

Apply for New Registration Online PDF for New Registration Form 225, Form 363, Form 510 (Form 224 unavailable in PDF)

Check the Status of My Application

Check Status of My Application Online ← Online Only Has my registration been processed yet?

Request Copy of Last Application/Receipt

Apply for Copy of Receipt Online ← Online Only Request an additional receipt for a previously submitted Renewal Application

Request Copy of DEA Certificate

Apply for Duplicate┬áCertificate Online ← Online Only Duplicate Certificates for misplaced, illegible, or destroyed originals

Online Pharmacy Modifications

Apply for Online Pharmacy Modifications Online ← Online Only Modify your existing Retail Online Pharmacy information

Make Changes to My DEA Registration

Apply for Registration Changes Online ← Online Only Make changes to drug code, schedule, name, or address (address change requires approved state license for the new address first)

Registrant Validation Toolset

Apply for Registration Verification Online ← Online Only Allows a current DEA registrant to check the validity of another DEA registrant, and download Registrant dataset

Registration for Disposal of Controlled Substances

Apply for Registration for Disposal of Controlled Substances Online ← Online Only Modify eligible DEA registration to collect pharmaceutical controlled substances from ultimate users (e.g., patients); Modify DEA registration to stop being a collector; Modify existing collector registration information

Search for Year Round Pharmaceutical Disposal Locations

Search for Year Round Pharmaceutical Disposal Locations Online ← Online Only A search utility for Controlled Substance Public Disposal Locations

Order Form Request (DEA Form 222)

Apply for DEA Form 222 Online ← Online Only Request Official Order Forms (Schedule I & II Registrants Only)

CSOS (Controlled Substance Ordering System)

Apply for CSOS Online ← Online Only Allows electronic orders of controlled substances without the supporting paper Form 222


ARCOS Online Reporting System
Suspicious Orders Report System (SORS)

Apply for ARCOS Online ← Online Only Complete and submit ARCOS transaction reports via the ARCOS Online Reporting System
Complete and submit SORS Reports

ARCOS EDI Request Form

PDF Only → PDF for ARCOS EDI Request Form Electronic Data Interchange Program Request Form

BCM Online (Bulk Chemical Manufacturer)

Apply for BCM Online ← Online Only Bulk Chemical Manufacturer Reports

Chemical Import/Export Declarations

Apply for Chemical Import/Export Declarations Online PDF for Chemical Import/Export Declarations Form 486, Form 486a

CMEA (Combat Meth Epidemic Act of 2005)

Apply for CMEA Online ← Online Only Required Training and Self-Certification

Import/Export Permit Apps & Declarations

Apply for Import/Export Permit Apps and Declarations Online PDF for Import/Export Permit Apps & Declarations Form 161, Form 357 (Form 161R available in PDF Only)

Import/Export Permit Declaration

Apply for Import/Export Permit Declarations Online PDF for Import/Export Permit Declarations Form 236

Quota Applications

Apply for Quota Applications Online PDF for Quota Applications Form 189, Form 250, Form 488

Registrant Record of Controlled Substances Destroyed

PDF Only → PDF for Registrant Record of Controlled Substances Destroyed Form 41

Regulated Machines Online

Apply for Regulated Machines Online ← Online Only Form 452 - Import, Export, or Domestic Transactions of Tableting and Encapsulating Machines

Theft/Loss Reporting (TLR)

Apply for TLR Online PDF for Report of Theft or Loss of Controlled Substances Formerly Drug/Theft Loss (DTL)
Form 106 - Report Theft/Loss of Controlled Substances
Form 107 - Report Theft/Loss of Listed Chemicals (DEA 107 is not available in PDF)

YERS Online (Year-End Reports)

Apply for YERS Online ← Online Only Year-End Reports


Extortion Scam Online Reporting

Report Extortion Scams Online ← Online Only Report criminals posing as DEA Special Agents seeking to extort money

Illicit Drug Distribution or Trafficking

Report Illicit Drug Distribution or Trafficking Online ← Online Only Report illegal sales/distribution of drugs other than prescription drugs (i.e., heroin, cocaine, etc.)

Report Suspicious Online Pharmacies

Report Suspicious Online Pharmacies ← Online Only Report Suspected Unlawful Sales of Pharmaceutical Drugs on the Internet

RX Abuse Online Reporting

Report RX Abuse Online ← Online Only Report illegal sales/distribution of prescription drugs (i.e., oxycodone, hydrocodone, etc.); doctors and pharmacies

Synthetic Drug Online Reporting

Report Synthetic Drugs Online ← Online Only Report an incident with Synthetic Drugs (i.e., Green Giant, Joker, N-Bomb, Flakka, etc.)
Emergency Disaster Relief
Search for Year Round Pharmaceutical Disposal Locations.
National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. Turn in your unused or expired medication for safe disposal here.
RX Abuse Online

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