Sample Qualifications

The DEA TOX program is interested in patients thought to have ingested a synthetic drug, where the remainder of the drug screen has produced little or no viable options to explain the symptoms exhibited by the patient (alcohol and THC are exempted). Left-over un-used biological samples may be approved for testing from a medical facility only. No personal samples will be accepted.

How to Contact Us to Request Approval for Testing

Email DEATOX@DEA.GOV with a brief description of the case (including initial toxicology screen and history) and a request for testing. No samples will be approved without a brief clinical background.

If your request is approved by DEA, we will send instructions for packing and shipping your sample to UCSF.

Reasons Your Sample Was Not Approved for Testing

The main reason for disapproval of a case would be the identification of substances including methamphetamine, heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, LSD, PCP, or other commonly abused substances in a routine toxicology screening at your facility.

This program's goal is to connect symptom causation to the abuse of newly emerging synthetic drugs (i.e. synthetic cannabinoids, synthetic cathinones, fentanyl-related substances, other hallucinogens etc.).