Diversion Control Division, US Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration

Quick Reference Guide for Importers/Exporters of Controlled Substances

(Users of Forms DEA-161, DEA-357 and DEA-236)

April 2000

This booklet was prepared by the Diversion Control Division to assist DEA registrants in the completion of the DEA-161, DEA-357 and DEA-236 forms for the importation and exportation of controlled substances.

Application for Permit to Export Controlled Substances (DEA-161)

Application for Permit to Import Controlled Substances (DEA-357)

Controlled Substances Import/Export Declaration (DEA-236)

Export Declaration (DEA-236 as Export)

Import Declaration (DEA-236 as Import)

DEA Addresses/Telephone Numbers

When sending completed DEA-161, DEA-357 and DEA-236 forms to DEA via U.S. Postal Service and via Commercial Carrier mail, the following address is to be used:

Attn: Import/Export Unit (DRI)
8701 Morrissette Drive
Springfield, VA 22152

Questions concerning the DEA-161 and DEA-357 forms may be directed to DRI at telephone number 571-362-8240 or 571-362-8223.

Questions concerning the DEA-236 form may be directed to DRI at telephone number 571-362-8355.

Matters or concerns you wish to discuss with the Section Chief of DRI may be directed to 571-362-3314.

Please feel free to contact us at the above numbers whenever you have any questions.

Controlled Substances Import-Export Form Guide

Controlled Substances Act
DEA-161 DEA-357 DEA-236
Import Export
Schedule I X X    
Schedule II X X    
Schedule III Narcotic X X    
Schedule III Nonnarcotic
(except for delta-9-THC
which requires a permit)
    X X
Schedule IV Narcotic X X    
Schedule IV Nonnarcotic     X X
Schedule V Narcotic   X   X
Schedule V Nonnarcotic     X X
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