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Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations


Subpart B — DEA FORM 222

§1305.12 Procedure for executing DEA Forms 222.

(a) A purchaser must prepare and execute a DEA Form 222 by use of a typewriter, computer printer, pen, or indelible pencil.

(b) Only one item may be entered on each numbered line. An item must consist of one or more commercial or bulk containers of the same finished or bulk form and quantity of the same substance. The number of lines completed must be noted on that form at the bottom of the form, in the space provided. DEA Forms 222 for carfentanil, etorphine hydrochloride, and diprenorphine must contain only these substances.

(c) The name and address of the supplier from whom the controlled substances are being ordered must be entered on the form. Only one supplier may be listed on any form.

(d) Each DEA Form 222 must be signed and dated by a person authorized to sign an application for registration or a person granted power of attorney to sign a Form 222 under §1305.05. The name of the purchaser, if different from the individual signing the DEA Form 222, must also be inserted in the signature space.

(e) Unexecuted DEA Forms 222 may be kept and may be executed at a location other than the registered location printed on the form, provided that all unexecuted forms are delivered promptly to the registered location upon an inspection of the location by any officer authorized to make inspections, or to enforce, any Federal, State, or local law regarding controlled substances.

[70 FR 16911, Apr. 1, 2005, as amended at 84 FR 51374, Sept. 30, 2019]

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