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Title 21 United States Code (USC) Controlled Substances Act

21 U.S.C.
United States Code, 2016 Edition
From the U.S. Government Printing Office, www.gpo.gov


Part A — Introductory Provisions

Section 801. Congressional findings and declarations: controlled substances

Section 801a. Congressional findings and declarations: psychotropic substances

Section 802. Definitions

Section 803. Repealed

Part B — Authority to Control; Standards and Schedules

Section 811. Authority and criteria for classification of substances

Section 812. Schedules of controlled substances

Section 813. Treatment of controlled substance analogues

Section 814. Removal of exemption of certain drugs

Part C — Registration of Manufacturers, Distributors, and Dispensers of Controlled Substances

Section 821. Rules and regulations

Section 822. Persons required to register

Section 822a. Prescription drug take back expansion

Section 823. Registration requirements

Section 824. Denial, revocation, or suspension of registration

Section 825. Labeling and packaging

Section 826. Production quotas for controlled substances

Section 826a. Attorney General report on drug shortages

Section 827. Records and reports of registrants

Section 828. Order forms

Section 829. Prescriptions

Section 829a. Delivery of a controlled substance by a pharmacy to an administering practitioner

Section 830. Regulation of listed chemicals and certain machines

Section 831. Additional requirements relating to online pharmacies and telemedicine

Section 832. Suspicious orders

Part D — Offenses and Penalties

Section 841. Prohibited acts A

Section 842. Prohibited acts B

Section 843. Prohibited acts C

Section 844. Penalties for simple possession

Section 844a. Civil penalty for possession of small amounts of certain controlled substances

Sections 845 to 845b. Transferred

Section 846. Attempt and conspiracy

Section 847. Additional penalties

Section 848. Continuing criminal enterprise

Section 849. Transportation safety offenses

Section 850. Information for sentencing

Section 851. Proceedings to establish prior convictions

Section 852. Application of treaties and other international agreements

Section 853. Criminal forfeitures

Section 853a. Transferred

Section 854. Investment of illicit drug profits

Section 855. Alternative fine

Section 856. Maintaining drug-involved premises

Section 857. Repealed

Section 858. Endangering human life while illegally manufacturing controlled substance

Section 859. Distribution to persons under age twenty-one

Section 860. Distribution or manufacturing in or near schools and colleges

Section 860a. Consecutive sentence for manufacturing or distributing, or possessing with intent to manufacture or distribute, methamphetamine on premises where children are present or reside

Section 861. Employment or use of persons under 18 years of age in drug operations

Section 862. Denial of Federal benefits to drug traffickers and possessors

Section 862a. Denial of assistance and benefits for certain drug-related convictions

Section 862b. Sanctioning for testing positive for controlled substances

Section 863. Drug paraphernalia

Section 864. Anhydrous ammonia

Section 864a. Grants to reduce production of methamphetamines from anhydrous ammonia

Section 865. Smuggling methamphetamine or methamphetamine precursor chemicals into the United States while using facilitated entry programs

Part E — Administrative and Enforcement Provisions

Section 871. Attorney General

Section 871a. Semiannual reports to Congress

Section 872. Education and research programs of Attorney General

Section 872a. Public-private education program

Section 873. Cooperative arrangements

Section 874. Advisory committees

Section 875. Administrative hearings

Section 876. Subpenas

Section 877. Judicial review

Section 878. Powers of enforcement personnel

Section 879. Search warrants

Section 880. Administrative inspections and warrants

Section 881. Forfeitures

Sections 881–1, 881a. Transferred

Section 882. Injunctions

Section 883. Enforcement proceedings

Section 884. Immunity and privilege

Section 885. Burden of proof; liabilities

Section 886. Payments and advances

Section 886a. Diversion Control Fee Account

Section 887. Coordination and consolidation of post-seizure administration

Section 888. Repealed

Section 889. Production control of controlled substances

Section 890. Review of Federal sales of chemicals usable to manufacture controlled substances

Part F — General Provisions


The letter designation for this Part F was, in the original, Part G. The original Part F of title II of Pub. L. 91–513, consisting of section 601 thereof, is set out as a note under section 801 of this title. The original Part G of title II of Pub. L. 91–513 consisted of sections 701 to 709. Sections 701 to 705 amended and repealed sections in this title and in Title 18, Crimes and Criminal Procedure, and Title 42, The Public Health and Welfare, and enacted provisions set out as notes under sections 321, 801, and 822 of this title. See Tables for classifications of said sections 701 to 705. Sections 706 to 709 of Pub. L. 91–513 are set out as sections 901 to 904 of this title and, for purposes of codification, comprise this Part F.

Section 901. Severability

Section 902. Savings provisions

Section 903. Application of State law

Section 904. Payment of tort claims



This subchapter is comprised of Part A of title III of Pub. L. 91–513, Oct. 27, 1970, 84 Stat. 1285. Part B of title III contains amendatory, repealing, and transitional provisions generally classified elsewhere.

Section 951. Definitions

Section 952. Importation of controlled substances

Section 953. Exportation of controlled substances

Section 954. Transshipment and in-transit shipment of controlled substances

Section 955. Possession on board vessels, etc., arriving in or departing from United States

Section 955a to 955d. Transferred

Section 956. Exemption authority

Section 957. Persons required to register

Section 958. Registration requirements

Section 959. Possession, manufacture, or distribution of controlled substance

Section 960. Prohibited acts A

Section 960a. Foreign terrorist organizations, terrorist persons and groups

Section 961. Prohibited acts B

Section 962. Second or subsequent offenses

Section 963. Attempt and conspiracy

Section 964. Additional penalties

Section 965. Applicability of part E of subchapter I

Section 966. Authority of Secretary of the Treasury

Section 967. Smuggling of controlled substances; investigations; oaths; subpenas; witnesses; evidence; production of records; territorial limits; fees and mileage of witnesses

Section 968. Service of subpena; proof of service

Section 969. Contempt proceedings

Section 970. Criminal forfeitures

Section 971. Notification, suspension of shipment, and penalties with respect to importation and exportation of listed chemicals

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